Thoughts on Travel

“No belt, take off your shoes, remove your laptops from your bag”. Many of us know the typical commands from a TSA agent at airport security. I’m writing this post after recently experiencing all joys of an eleven hour flight. Over the past year I have been fortunate enough to take several flights, and at … Continue reading Thoughts on Travel


Thoughts on Being Enough

Recently I have fallen in love with a new content creator, Issa Rae. I discovered her through a friend, and the pilot of her HBO show Insecure had me hooked. I binged through the entire series, and then started moving through the material on her YouTube page. I watched the series Awkward Black Girl, which … Continue reading Thoughts on Being Enough

Thoughts on Auditions

“Think of one of the hardest things that you’ve done. How does this compare?” This has been my go to line to start a pep talk since I was a sophomore in college. I was involved campus ministry (shout out to InterVaristy USA) and paired with another leader practicing outreach conversations. She was really nervous … Continue reading Thoughts on Auditions

Thoughts on Online Dating

I’m considering a return to online dating. I had a very, VERY brief attempt at online dating two years ago in the fall of 2015. I had gone months without going on a date, and the situation with the girl I was seeing ended sourly. It was my fault to be honest, I didn’t communicate … Continue reading Thoughts on Online Dating