Thoughts on Travel

“No belt, take off your shoes, remove your laptops from your bag”. Many of us know the typical commands from a TSA agent at airport security. I’m writing this post after recently experiencing all joys of an eleven hour flight. Over the past year I have been fortunate enough to take several flights, and at this point I feel that I have streamlined moving through the airport. I say fortunate specifically because flights have become so expensive, and many people can’t afford to take the trips I have, and I’m grateful. When flying, I feel that you can see people at their best or their worst. Flying for many people is stressful, especially if they are running late or have young children. This past year I have seen some things. Another interesting thing that I picked up is the individuality of each airport I’ve been to, and how locals have an influence on the overall atmosphere within. Outside my closest airport, I am definitely familiar with O’Hare in Chicago after being stuck there overnight. Not something I would suggest, but it was a fun story to tell.

One important thing that I have picked up on my small amount of travelling is the way it changes your perspective. I have been to many regions of the country in my life, as well as travelled abroad. IT is very easy to make assumptions about many people and places if you haven’t been there and interacted with their communities. I would theorize that most stereotypes within today’s society come from a lack of understanding, and not from a place of malice. If people just went someplace new and had a conversation with a stranger, I think they would understand the world just a little bit better. God willing, I would like to take many trips in my twenties, to make sure that I have a broader perspective, not just of my country but the world. I would encourage anyone, young or old, to do the same.

So if you are considering buying the latest Jordan’s or a new bag, try taking a trip. Leave your assumptions at home. Pack an open mind, an open heart, and a desire to better yourself. They are, by far, the easiest things to bring through security.


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